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Image by Kelly Sikkema

In accordance with UK Government Guidance from 19th December 2020.


Little Slumber Party agrees that in line with Government guidance business activities should only take place where we can establish social distancing, safe systems of work, and suitable protection measures for customers/staff and good disinfecting procedures for equipment.  


All payments must be made electronically in order to comply with the non-contact guidance that is currently advised. 

Tent covers for DIY set ups will be white.


Social distancing rules will apply during drop off and collections.


Cross contamination between households will be eliminated by introducing a rest period of 3 days (72 hours) between hire and additional cleaning before and after use. 

Adequate PPE, hand sanitiser and a mask, will be worn on delivery and collection by staff from Little Slumber Party.  We will be practicing excellent hygiene and will be using fresh clothing with disinfection spray alongside hand sanitiser.


Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned /disinfected before it can be rehired. Everything that can be machine washed will be done so at 60 degrees and steamed to eliminate any possible cross contamination. The wooden poles will be wiped with disinfect.


Soft furnishings that cannot be washed at 60 degrees will not be included in the packages. Blankets and sheets for sleepovers for the hirer to use, will be washed and placed in a fastened bag 72 hours prior to delivery. All blankets and sheets must be stripped by the customer and placed in a fastened bag (provided) ready for collection. Customers must supply pillows. 


The client must notify Little Slumber Party in advance of delivery if there are any members of the household(s) who have tested positive for Covid-19 or are presenting with symptoms in the run up to hire or during hire. Little Slumber Party will also notify the Hirer if at any point any members of our household become unwell with any symptoms of Covid-19 and reserve the right to cancel the hire if this situation arises.  All deposits/payments can be moved to a new date if the hirer/Little Slumber Party need to cancel because of Covid-19. Please note a change of date will only be offered, no refunds are available. 


Hiring out during this uneasy time is a huge show of trust between customers and Little Slumber Party. If trust is breached then Little Slumber Party will have to stop supplying services immediately. Little Slumber Party will be strictly adhering to these measures in the hope to prevent any spread of Covid-19. Despite this, it is impossible to guarantee  that no cross contamination of the virus can happen nor can Little Slumber Party be blamed for any possible Covid-19 infection. 

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